Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is the Credit Counseling Course?
This online course is 90 minutes long; as required by the Department of Justice.
2. What if I don't have 90 minutes available?
No problem, you can take the course in installments. When you logout of your course, your progress will be saved. The next time you log into your course, you will return to the most recent page you visited. You will never lose any of your work.
3. What information will I need to complete the Credit Counseling course?
In this course, you will be asked to provide information about your monthly expenses and your monthly income. You will also be asked to enter information about your bills. Estimates and educated guesses are ok.
4. What if I don't know this information? What if I gave all my information to my attorney?
No need to worry. You can estimate your information as best you can. Exact numbers are NOT needed.
5. If I mistakenly enter the wrong information, will I fail this course?
You CANNOT fail this course. Simply, do the best you can.
6. Will the information I enter in the Credit Counseling course affect my bankruptcy?
No, your credit counseling course is 100% independent of your bankruptcy. The information you provide in your course will stay with Money Sharp Credit Counseling, Inc.
7. When I call to speak with a counselor, will they be kind and understanding?
Yes, our counselors have years of experience working with consumers from across the country, all struggling with their finances. We take pride in being helpful and understanding.
8. I feel nervous and intimidated, should I be?
You should not feel nervous or intimidated. This Credit Counseling course is fun, entertaining and educational. You will learn many new things about managing your finances. You will also learn many new money saving tips. It is ok to feel excited.
9. I have not filed bankruptcy yet, which course should I take first?
Before you can file a bankruptcy, you are required by the Executive office of the United States Trustee to complete a Credit Counseling Course.
10. I have already completed my Credit Counseling course online. But, I still don't have my certificate, why?
Before you can receive your certificate, you must complete a brief phone interview. Call 1-866-200-6825 to complete your credit counseling course requirements.
11. How long will it take for me to take get my certificate?
Your certificate will be emailed to you within 30 minutes of completing your course requirements. You certificate will also be available for download from your document center.
12. I have already filed my bankruptcy case, which course should I take?
Before you can receive a successful discharge from your bankruptcy case, the Executive office of the United States Trustee requires you complete a Debtor's Education Course.
13. Once my certificate is available, how will I know and how can I get my certificate?
You will receive an email notification once your certificate is ready to be issued or downloaded.

If you have any additional questions, please call our toll free line: 866-200-6825.